How I Added Star Reviews In My Blogger Post

Star Reviws In my Blogger
Review Markup(star rating) is shown by By google In SERP(search engine result page).And Review Markup Add a extra traffic into your website and  it gives your post rich Look.I know it is very simple for wordpress but i will show you how to add this into your blog.There are various plugins for wordpress but blogger does not have any widget  and can be done by just add a few line script .
Did you see below image?

Star Reviews In My Blogger

Adding Review Markup for blogger

This is very simple task for blogger and can be done easily.For show star rating in SERP see below-

<div class="hreview"> 
<span class="rating">
4.5</span> out of 5 stars 
<span class="reviewer vcard">Reviewer:<span class="fn">
Your Name Here</span> - 
<abbr class="dtreviewed" title="
2012-03-29">March 29, 2012</abbr></span> 


And Just Replace “4.5” with your rating, “Your Name Here” with your name and change the title and the date in Blue color carefully. The date title is in YY-MM-DD format.
Now copy it and paste below posts on which you want to add your markup.for this change post editor mode to HTML.

But Note 2 Points
1.You can add upto 5 star.
2.You must use jump break before Markup.

Now you are done then see snippet preview of your mark post at Google rich Snippet tool.I hope it will work if you done it correct.


  1. This sounds neat, but I'm a bit confused. Does it only work for the Google search or is it supposed to be somewhere on your blog?

  2. Yes this works only on google search but if u want to add star review under post then use blogger star widget.

  3. This is a Nice Widget. What is the important of this anyway?


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