Alertpay Changed Domain Now New Name Is Payze

Now A Latest News For All Internet Merchant users.Alertpay Has been decided to change its domain and new name is Payze which has been announced officially and will take effect on 14 May,2012.They have been decided to give its users a new safest,reliable and cheapest facilities to send or receive money over the world.We know that peoples are not happy and commenting on social networks for spam.But the truth is that they will bring Alertpay with New More features and Also promise to make process fastest forever.

Alertpay Changed Domain

About Payze.
Payze is the online payment framework that control e-commerce processes,corporate disbursements for indiviual and bussiness over the globe.Payze users can load funds via credit card,wire bank,bank transfer and check,According to the countries regulations.

What's New In Payze

  • New service offerings
  • Smartphone & mobile phone-friendly access
  • More countries and additional currencies
  • Global bank wire loads in more currencies
  • Enhanced customer support
  • A completely redesigned and easier-to-use website
  • More e-wallet loading and withdrawing options

Many of Us think about alertpay that it will clear data of all accounts before Payze redirection but Don't worry it will not effect on your account.


  1. Alertpay should know that people become loyal with brand not with any think else.
    Alertpay is not doing good by changing its name.
    This will reduce the market share of alertpay.
    The new features can be added by using same name.
    Shhiiiiiiiitttttttttttttt Alertpay
    What u did to your market


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