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One thing almost any professional blogger will tell you before you start blogging is that you need to find your niche. Writing just about yourself and the things you do each day may be enjoyable for you, but finding thousands of other people that want to read about your daily adventures will be difficult. Its not that people aren’t interested in what you have to say, it may just be that they’re more interested in your knowledge and experience about one particular topic. Based on our experience with Mashable tricks and a few other websites, we advise you to find a niche that’s big enough to allow your blog to grow to a significant number of readers but at the same time not be so large and vast that you’re trying to compete with the major players in a market.

Unless you started blogging or are a major online player, the chances of you starting a new blog about broad topics such as Finance, Professional Blogging, Making Money Online, Professional Sports, or News and quickly being a major hit in the blogosphere is very unlikely. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick your niche in a more narrow portion of those areas and still be successful.

Keep Your Niche 500+

We launched Mashabletricks in 2012 and were significantly late to the blogging scene. We understood the space was very competitive and that it would be difficult to be successful if we were just another version of the many blogger blogs already out there. What we decided to do was to narrow our focus to newer Mashable owners rather than the uber blogger geeks. We’ve all watched the internet market long enough to see that how blogging making effect on us, along with some very effective advertising, have significantly increasing the number of daily users. We figured that all of these new owners would need someplace to find answers to their questions. By answering basic questions and posting simple tutorials, rather than covering blogging rumors and breaking news, we found our sweet spot and a place we could be in the internet world with little competition.

Building Traffic Without Competing With The Big Blogs

In early april, blogger released their latest new interface. As is custom, then other blogger writing their review on blogger, how much it would cost, when and where it would be available. What we did first was to write one of our longest posts ever. The post covered everything and anything we could come up with on bloggging. We appropriately broke the article up into different sections, calling out keywords in the headers of each section, and completely exhausted ourselves in details the article. This article wasn’t what gained us traffic, nor was it the intent. We wrote this long article so that we could review the keywords people were using to find it.
After we published the article, we watched our Google Analytics stats and keywords used on search engines that brought individuals to the new post. We started to see the exact topics and keywords that people were searching for that weren’t necessarily being covered the larger blogs. From that data, we had exactly what we needed to write very targeted articles that wouldn’t receive millions of hits like the other blogs, but could still welcome a nice flood

How Your Blog Can Achieve Significant Month to Month Growth

There is nothing more important to most bloggers than seeing their traffic and community increase each month. In our efforts over the past year to increase Mashable tricks’ position in the blogging market we learned a lot about blogging. Below, summarizing what we learned, there are 3  ways to help you increase your blog traffic each month:

1.    Be Unique- You need to provide unique content to visitors to your site so they come back, subscribe, follow you on twitter, comment, and link to your site. As you can see from our approach above, we try to cover stories from a unique perspective or cover smaller topics that get less publicity. Read your competitors blogs and understand how they view the topics they write about. Try taking a contrarian viewpoint, digging deeper into the topic, and generally providing new and different insight and information to generate interest in your site.

2.    Use The Right Keywords – If you’re not writing about a topic the same way that your potential audience talks about it then many potentially interested visitors may never find your site. Optimizing your site to reflect the way individuals search for your market will help you increase your blog traffic.

Google’s Keyword Tool is a great source for finding out how people search about a topic. Enter in some of the keywords you’ve used on past articles and then let the Google tool show you how many people are searching for those words. The tool also provides synonyms or potentially different ways to word the topics you’ve written about and will show you the way most people search for particular topics.
By making the words and terms in your site match the way individuals search for them you’ll make it easy for Google, Bing, and Yahoo to know that each topic you’re writing about may have the answers that people are searching for. Go back through your old blogs posts and check to see if the words you used on a topic match the way that people search for that topic. If not, make the quick changes to your blog post titles, page titles, bolded keywords, etc so that they reflect the most popular search terms. This alone will help increase your monthly traffic.

3.    Utilize Analytics  If you’re not utilizing blog traffic analysis tools like Google Analytics on your blog then you’re missing out on essential information that can help you make your blog a huge success. Google Analytics and many other web analytic software services are free and easy to incorporate into your blog. Analytical input is part of every article we write. A few times a month we’ll review the analytical data on Mashable tricks to see how people are finding our site, the search keywords used by visitors that enter the various blog posts we’ve written, and how long visitors are staying on our site.
Google Analytics will provide you with all the keywords used in search phrases that lead visitors to your site and breaks the information down post by post. We have spent significantly more time this year looking at the keywords that drive traffic to our site. It has helped us identify topics that readers are looking for that we may have not yet provided a post for as well as help us understand when people are looking for more information about a topic we’ve covered. It also has helped us keep a long list of topics to cover for future posts on our blog.


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