Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives

We all now About google adsense and the best PPC(pay per click) Advertising In the web world.But Many of us don't know about google adsense proper policies for adsense and get disapproved everytime whenever we create a adsense account.Also we can't apply for adsense for same account if we got banned that account.
Top 5 google-adsense-alternatives

Now we have top Alternatives For google adsense.I know that we can't earn in so amount as in adsense but yet we have more option for PPC but choose one of them is also difficult.So We have to choose Such PPC advertise so that we can easily follow policies Of PPC companies. 
Here is the list of Google Adsense Alternatives.
I think is most popular PPC advertising after Google adsense and gives you good amount of money.They have inline links based technology for adsense which does not occupy space on website and consume zero space.Payment options Includes Payoneer  prepaid Master card,Paypal and bank Wire.Minimum Payout is 50 Dollars. is subsidiary company of cilxsense inc is very famous PTC site.I like it because it pay you via alertpay or paypal with minimum payout 25 dollars.Click rates are also good and you can also set your ad rate upto 0.11 per click. is another Alternative for Adsense and Which pays you 85% revenue bact to publisher which is very good.You have to just register and show ads on your blog or sites.They pay you via paypal,bank wire,check so payment option are good.Also minimum Payout is 50 dollars. is another PPC advertising and based on inline text ads as is very easy to use and insert ads in your blogs.If you have wordpress or blogger than you can install widgets and no need to add code manually.Payment options includes Paypal,bank-wire and check.And minimum Payout Is 50 Dollar for paypal and check.
I recommend if you have small blogs or websites.they provide very similar ads like Adsense and also easy to use.Application are activated in 24 hours and you are ready for show ads on your blog.Bidvertiser is not only PPC but gives you bonus if visitors buys anything via your blog.Payment option includes Paypal,,check and bank-wire.Minimum payout via Paypal is 10 dollar which is very lowest in the Ads market.

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