How To Hack CSS for Better Page Loading time

How To Hack CSS

I think  load time for website or blogger is very important  with view of Traffic.if any visitor open any website then  if  is loaded in 8-10 sec then it is better for that website but it takes 25-26 sec ten user would be  angry or leave your blog that means  no traffic.So while making  your blog Attactive keep Attention  on  Blog Loading Time .For  Making  Blog Load  faster  we have   a opportunity to make  live visitors. Just follow This Step And  Make  A  Chance 
How  To  Hack CSS

1.Log in to your blogger dashboard and go to--> layout- -> Edit HTML

2.Now Cut CSS Code of your template.
NOTE : CSS Code is the code between the <b:skin> and </b:skin> tags.
3.Now go to
4.Paste your CSS Code into the box
5.Select ,
(a).Compression mode:- Normal
(b).Comments handling:- Select Don't strip any comments.

How  To  Hack CSS

6.Now click on "Compress-it!".
7.After compressing your css code you can see  message.
8.Now copy your Compressed CSS Code and paste it between <b:skin> and </b:skin> tags.
9.Now save your template and you are done


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