How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog & Website For Free 2012

How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog

Sometime use different techniques gives you different result than former and with full effort, This is the main point where we get stuck and don't try further. but just try to write best for my all visitors so just read and rate your comments after  the posting.

1.Update your profile. Before you start posting on your blog, make sure that you have an updated profile. Include information that you want to share with your readers, your background and the like. Providing this information will help you gain your readers’ trust and will help in establishing a better relationship with them.

2.Use catchy phrases for your Post Title and opening paragraphs. In order to attract readers to check out your post, you have to use catchy titles that will attract the attention of your viewers. The first few paragraphs should also be interesting to make your viewers read your post till the end.

3.Write relevant topics that will be helpful to your readers. Your readers will keepcoming back to your blog if you publish important information that they may find useful. You can post current news and trends, how tos, tips and tricks and more where your readers can gain valuable knowledge from.

4.Add images and videos to your post. Attractive pictures and videos can add to the interest of your readers and will help convey the message of your post better.

5.Interact with other bloggers in the same niche. Subscribe to the RSS feeds or sign up to email subscription of other blogs in the same category as your site and leave meaningful comments. By doing this, you are making yourself known in the blogsphere and can help connect to other bloggers, which in turn, will visit your site and leave comments on your post.

6.Try Guest Posting. Guest posting is one link building strategy that can help drive traffic to your site. In guest posting, you contact other blog owners in the same niche to post an article, your guest post, in exchange to a link to your site. Doing this is one way of expanding your readership as you are promoting your site to readers of other blogs with the same niche as yours. 7.Add social media links to your post. Links for Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Google+ and more can be added to each of your post so your readers can easily share the article in these various social networking sites just by clicking the link. This will even expand your readership, as we all know how powerful social media is in promoting a site and reaching larger audience


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