Top 5 Tips To Make Secure blogger

While blogging did you notice on your  blog security system specialy on Blogger blog.There are many option for wordpress blog but for blogger I decided to post a security article for blogger.We all know about google blogger and have a great belief on Blogger due to google blog service but In security it has no more security option like plugin,script etc.But we can make secure  our blogger through some tips which will absolutily help to all bloggers.So let start with blogger possible reasons to be hack.blogger login Through Gmail service which is a weak point.Also Blogger does not use any plugin to make you secure and there is no professional method to do it.


Here Are 5 Ways to Make Secure Blogger-

1.Use Malware remover or Best Antivirus
While posting or editing on blogger dashboard Keep eyes on malware or any vulnerable threats.For this you have to use Best Antivirus or any Malware Detector You may be penelized any time by Any online threats in Real time.I recommended you don't use blogger or any other internet service without antivirus.

2.Make a Professional Password
If you have a non-numerical password then please remove it now and Choose Best Password for blogger including All category characters like numerical,numbers,special symbol.Take two minute to Give a Strong password otherwise Hacker or any online threat can Hurt your blog.

3.Secret and Change Password regularly
If you have some type of doubt that may be happen with your password then The best method you have to change password regularly And Always keep your password secure i.e Don't tell anyone or mention online through any offer.

4.Can't Do Ask to Professional
If you can't do it and not able to understand the security system.I know it will charge but want a professional security system then you have to do it.

5.Keep your blogger up to date
For more security it is the best and free i.e Always keep up to date your blogger by posting at a alternate of time.Choose a Frequencey  for Posting By it you have Additional benefits including Security.
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