How To Increase Alexa Rank Quickly | Improving Ranking of Website

How To Increase Alexa Rank Quickly | Alexa Ranking Tips and Tricks

Do you want to improve Alexa ranking of websites, Sure you can but before getting increase in Alexa ranking you must know about Alexa ranking details.
Well, Alexa is global ranking based internet company founded by Amazon “The World’s Largest Online Shopping website”. Alexa Ranking Factors includes Bounce rate, page views, traffic rank and many more things.

how to reduce Alexa rank

How to Increase Ranking Quickly

Tips to improve and increase Alexa ranking are not completed or not so easy as you expect, thing is that how much traffic you have and your target country for maximum traffic. Alexa Ranking is shown when a websites completely approved by Alexa crawler.

Improve Alexa Ranking tips and techniques

Alexa ranking depends on few factors of websites that a particular website is getting traffic and how is related to other websites, Alexa raking factor count total page views, bounce rate, time on site and others. If a website even freshly indexed in Google may get good Alexa rank depends on Alexa factors.

Some Cool Tips for Alexa Ranking
1.       Claim your website through Alexa login page
2.       Provide enough details while claiming on your website
3.       Install Toolbar in browser whatever you use (chrome, Mozilla)
4.       Maintain page views, bounce rate and time on site
5.       Always track changes on your websites through global and local target
6.       Update your websites regular (recommended)
7.       Install Alexa widget on your website
8.       Write review on websites for Alexa
9.       Make some Good Backlinks of your websites

All these tips are genuine and useful for bloggers and websites who want to improve Alexa ranking quickly
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  2. Do i need to add 10 friends daily? or once will do? Can you share some ore tricks? I really want to have a good alexa rank.

  3. good but all the 10 friends should from different palce? I WANT to decrease alexa for my blog burger king menu

  4. Thanks a lot for this answering

  5. I already done.

    please, can you share some another one tricks?

  6. Great Post. Content is the best way to improve your ranking. Blog Posts that explain more work better.

    Our site is constantly trying to improve Alexa. We are currently at 1.1 million and getting better weekly.

  7. We have worked very diligently over the last two months to lower our Alexa Ranking. It has paid off quite well. We went from 3.5 million to 825,000 in that time.

    We have posted on several blogs. We have joined directories and linkede to only quality sites and it paid off

  8. hey, is this really going to happen for my site? as this is is something different and the model of this website has some uniqueness. Please let me know.


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    ihave had make for my website

  10. Thanks for your information. Now, I will work hard to make my website rank increasing significantly, especially alexa rank. Maybe you can give me an advice for my website at

  11. This is solid advice. We have lowered our Alexa ranking over the last three months. We blogged. We listed in directories. But I feel that we improved our site to be more friendly.

    All of this worked to get our Alexa ranking to 102,000 in the US.

  12. thanks for share. I hope to use some of your tips and lower my Alexa rankings quicker.


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