Facebook working on a new search engine to rival Google

Facebook working on a new search engine to rival Google
Facebook is reportedly overhauling its search functionality to compete with Google's search engine, a move that could intensify rivalry between the two web giants even further. According to reports, about 24 Facebook developers, led by ex-Google engineer Lars Rasmussen are working on a new search engine module. The new search engine is likely to allow users to more easily browse Facebook status updates, notes, images and videos. Facebook aims to keep its users from jumping off the social networking site to use Google's search engine for browsing other information.
However, many do not see Facebook's new search engine competing with Google's search engine , as Facebook primarily focusses on giving users more access to content available on the social networking site. It is being speculated that the social networking giant may now sell keyword ads, very much like Google and Bing do. Facebook may face tough time while dealing with privacy settings of users, as it can only integrate those results that a user has set for public viewing.
Google, on the other hand, is going after Facebook's social networking with its Google+. Google is making all out efforts to push its social networking site worldwide. Google+ has already been integrated with Google search engine, which now shows the Google+ content with more prominence. Facebook is presently leading the social networking segment, but rivals such as Twitter and Google+ are soon catching up. Facebook will need to diversify to ensure its lead in the market.



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