Adobe Releases Mobile PDF Reader Update For iOS

Adobe Releases
Nearly six months after Adobe released its PDF reader app for iOS devices, it posted this week a much needed features update that includes sticky notes, a highlighter, and other annotation tools found in nearly all competing iOS apps in this genre. The recent version of Adobe Reader also includes a nifty feature for writing and placing signatures in PDF documents.
The universal cross-platform desktop version of Adobe Reader has been an industry standard for quite some time, but with the mobile version Adobe has basically been playing catch-up until now. Much of the user interface is pretty intuitive, allowing you three different ways to “turn pages,” and making most of the annotation tools available by pressing down and dragging over selected text, as well as accessing them in menu bar of the app. The Reader also includes a document search feature.

Adobe Releases
In addition to the highlighting tool, Adobe Reader contains strikethrough, underlining, freehand drawing, and sticky note tools. Documents, including your annotations, can be shared via email and printed wirelessly with AirPrint. You can also send PDF files to other apps like Apple’s iBooks, Kindle, DropCopy. Surprisingly, although you can import PDFs from Dropbox into the Reader, you can’t export them to the cloud service.
Adobe Releases
The signature feature is functional, providing a large window for writing, and saving, your signature with your finger or stylus pen, and then moving it around on a page anywhere you like.
Adobe Releases
Adobe Reader is a free app and is compatible with iPhone 3GS and above, the 4th generation iPod touch, and the iPad.

Credit:Bakari Chavanu 


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