Top 5 Websites in the World - Developed With HTML Language

Top 5 Websites By Technology

Curious to know about which are these sites which you say – The Best! , I collected top 5 websites on the internet and uses HTML technology to represents its functionality. Or you can say – Top HTML websites in the world which are listed on mashable Tricks.

Very innovative development with HTML 5. This site will show your system IP address as starts and make a group of stars with available IP address. Site completely uses HTML tags and functionality. With development of this HTML website, Application for IOS and Android has been published due to its popularity.

One of the best HTML website yet and shows some mystery on click event. This websites allows user to uncover mystery behind location on poster. This website is most compatible with IE 9 and uses Latest version of HTML technology.

Best puzzle website and uses music puzzle. Actual process of website is very funny and dramatically. A puzzle will be shown on website’s screen and you have to solve it before finishing of music. This website uses HTML data structures and tags to show different type of features and options.

Adobe Corporation developed this website and it is one of the best example of HTML 5 websites among all websites on internet. Websites is rated on top by best developers for its creativity.

Site uses 3d technology with webgl and one of the best yet in creativity. Site offers to feel as you are listing best on internet. Website fully compile HTML tags and features as per functionality. And you can say unique website in HTML series.


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